Tammy Lian

I'm a designer, animator, and a classically-trained musician. My creative work is perpetually inspired by my musical experiences, and I believe that there are hidden gems in the space between music and other forms of art, waiting to be discovered.



an animation that considers how we communicate the abstract nature of music through familiar metaphors of human experience.

Animato explores the language that we use to understand music: how we talk about music through familiar metaphors such as motion, space, form, and emotion, and how these metaphors in turn influence our perception of music. The animation tells the story of a girl who travels through a surreal daydream as she contemplates the nature of music. Animato pulls excerpts from Maurice Ravel’s piano suite Miroirs, a piece which aims to express extramusical ideas through music. In parallel, Animato considers the way we talk about music through extramusical metaphors. Ultimately, it poses the idea that music may be unfathomable, particularly through our usual avenues of communication.

Through visual storytelling, I hope to engage audiences in a conversation about the way we traditionally think about classical music. Animato is meant to be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences, but also speaks to those with musical background by drawing from conventional musical terminology and discourse.