Jaeyoung Ha

Jaeyoung Ha is a visual and interaction designer who loves diversity and creativity. As a designer, she pursues creating practical and playful designs to help people feel pleasure and have a better life. She is from South Korea and holds BFA from Pratt Institute in Graphic Design.


Cooking Bogam

Cooking Bogam is a website/web-app that tells about food remedies with proven efficacy in the prevention of diseases and control of symptoms based on Traditional Korean Medicine.

Cooking Bogam is a website/web-app with food remedies based on Dongui Bogam, the best medical book from East Asia, published in the 17th century, as well as a book written with a modern approach by a nutritionist and doctor of Korean medicine. Their effectiveness in preventing disease and controlling symptoms has been proven. It introduces what foods are good for particular health, their efficacy, how to cook them, and where to buy them. Users can get information by selecting each symptom/cooking video/food recommendation in the ‘Food of the week’ section. Ingredients are available anywhere in markets, and users can find the deep history of Dongui Bogam on the website. The target audience is people who have an interest in healthy eating/diets and Asian culture, as well as people who have health concerns and want to discover new meals to cook at home. It built as a responsive website that can be accessible anywhere at anytime, on a smartphone, tablet, and computer with internet access. This website is visually focused with a playful design, and combines a sense of ancient time and modernity. It has information that helps anyone access vital information for developing a healthy dietary lifestyle easily, and delivers the value of food remedies and a healthy Korean diet into daily life around the world.