Christina Lafontaine

Christina is an artist, designer, fabricator, animator, and maker of worlds.


Ethereal Ecologies

is a series of otherworldly installations embedded within the urban landscape that encourages discovery of the unseen all around us.

Ethereal Ecologies is an ongoing series of multimedia installations situated within our everyday environment that explores the concept of parallel worlds and the illusory liminal spaces that bridge the boundary between our accepted reality and the unknown.

Through my own interpretive imaginings of the unseen and by representing a symbiosis between the urban landscape and these other worlds, my goal is to inspire curiosity and discovery about what exists beyond our human range of senses.

Our perceptions of what does and does not exist have been so narrowed by a belief in an ultimate scientific fact, that it renders much of the universe completely invisible to us. Because we are so focused both visually and mentally on the expected or the familiar, we often overlook the unexpected things surrounding us. We are experiencing an important point in history where there is more malleability of scientific fact and a growing understanding of how much there is still to discover.

Inspired by my research into theories of the Shadow Biosphere, Many-Interacting Worlds, and the psychology of Inattentional Blindness, I have created an ongoing multidimensional thesis that involves otherworldly installations embedded into the cracks and crevices of the urban landscape. These installations are not easily found, but are meant to be stumbled upon, encouraging the viewer to explore the symbiotic relationship between our everyday surroundings and the unseen.

(Photo credit to Caroline Voagen Nelson)