Mengxue Li

A Digital Film Maker is enthusiastic about making VFX happens in real life, an Interaction Designer creating inspired experiences for people to explore heartwarming and sincere moments.


Having You Here

Separated by a diaphanous membrane, pairs can explore through touch -- finding connection and meaning.

“Having You Here” is about bringing people together in a face-to-face situation. Letting them stay together, to explore and perceive what flows between them in that moment. It may be the light in your eyes, the breath from your mouth, the aroma of your skin, or the temperature of your palms, which cannot be conveyed remotely by mobile phones or computers in daily life so far. These elements may play important roles in people’s relationship.

Today we have so many ways to digitally connect, but we still desire face-to-face communication. Interactive installations are often about individuals interacting with a device. Digital connections, like Facebook, Twitter and Wechat, are not satisfying and can be isolating. My interactive installation is about people interacting with each other. It is a kind of energy or visible connection made by each other. The experience of closeness and the format of communication may evoke feelings of support, passion, affection, favorable impression, etc. It provides people an aesthetic experience of communication in person.

Basically, I created an interactive installation as a medium to connect people together. It is a rectangular white translucent fabric hanging vertically, and twelve force sensors are attached between two layers of the fabric. Participants cannot independently make pressures happen unless they press a sensor together from both sides of the fabric. Two people of pressing on a sensor from both sides on the fabric will trigger a sound and stars connections around your hands. It is a kind of energy or visible connection made by each other.