Heloise Sampaio

Heloise Cullen is a Brazilian artist and designer interested in the use of technology to help communicating ideas in art works.


Leave Her Solo

Leave Her Solo is an interactive sculptural installation that express the creation of a space in time for introspection as a response for an excessive societal external control on women behavior.

Leave Her Solo was born from the necessity
of support for feminine creativity not found in societal patriarchal structures. The interactive sculptural installation presents the creation of temporary introspection as a response to a lack of feminine physical and psychological spaces and structure.

The interactive installation is the expression of this particular constructed shelter, carved in space and time, sculpted stitch by stitch. This shelter is that temporary solitude that inspires to create, express and be in authenticity.

An interpretation of a room of one’s own and of the home of the soul (Woolf and Estés).