Yueying Xu

Joyce Xu a multidisciplinary designer with an appetite for imagination, technology, problem solving, learning and exploration. She aspires to create memorable experiences and meaningful products that tells stories, builds communities, connects between the traditional and the digital, and actively creates change.


Memory City -The Forgotten Chinatown

Memory City is a travel app that provides city wides virtual tour to the traveler, to let user to explore the urban space, and make a sense of connection to the city's culture heritage.

A city’s cultural meaning is defined by the history and story that happened before. It’s the invisible memories that make the city’s landscapes visible.

In my thesis I’m studying the immersive experience in mobile media to find out how to display or organize the memory of city in order to help the users better perceive the historical layers of urban space and to preserve the city’s culture heritage.

Memory City – The forgotten Chinatown is focused on providing the forgotten street stories about NYC Chinatown to make people have sense of connection of its own culture heritage. Also by reorganize the Chinatown’s street history to provoke a new kind of conversation between people and the city’s neighborhood.