Sarah Page

Sarah is a designer, developer, and maker who uses technology to enhance our social relationships and physical surroundings. Sarah loves taking things apart and putting them back together in interesting, new ways. When she's not glued to her computer, you can find her baking bread or admiring other people's dogs in Prospect Park.



Storyportal is an immersive, interactive storytelling experience in which users can hear audio stories submitted by other New Yorkers in the locations in which these stories have taken place.

New York City is a fascinating and diverse urban environment that serves as the backdrop for hundreds of interesting stories. However, because of the city’s fast-paced culture, the inhabitants of New York City do not often take the time to actually connect with each other.

Storyportal aims to encourage people to see their 
everyday environment in a more playful and explorative way and forge a sense of connection with the other people that share that space. Through a web-based mobile application, users will listen to stories that New Yorkers have left around the city. Users can also submit their own stories to be included in the application by dialing in to a phone number and leaving their story as a message.

If you’d like to submit your own story about New York City, please call (347) 620-1249! Please be sure to leave the story’s location at the beginning of your call! You can use cross streets or an address. For example: “Fifth Avenue and 27th Street” or “212 West 31st Street”.