Tevin Byrd

I'm a designer, creative thinker, technologist, songwriter and avid dreamer based in New York. Despite a special love of design's union with pop culture, fashion and music, I am interested in the ability of design to transform and have positive impact across all spectrums. Creativity is my oxygen, I wonder if I can use it to conquer the world?


The Liberation Project

The Liberation Project is an exploration of privilege and perspective through the creation of a book, card game and workshop.

The Liberation Project consists of three different projects exploring privilege, racism, perspective and classism for various audiences.¬†The embedded book set “Stories About Us” is a private experience for African-Americans to engage with stories that¬†they can relate to, helping them reflect on their own experiences at the end. The privacy of this project is important because it is a safe environment constructed for these stories, shielding the content or user from outside critique and deconstruction.

The workshop/activity called “Privilege” is a focused public experience uniting people in different groups to form a society and create rules of privilege, forcing them to learn about the advantages and disadvantages that they (and other people) carry with them in the world.

The card game “Flim Flam” is a broad public experience using fun and lighthearted game play to indirectly reveal others experiences’ and give players new perspectives on how people think and live.

All three projects come together to ferment reflection, understanding, and conversation about privilege and prejudice for different audiences.