Yunqi Zhou

I am Yunqi Zhou. My background is 3D animation. Right now, I am working on a game and VR. Mainly, I am using Unity3D to create games. Owing to a strong 3D background, I fully understand how Unity 3D and Maya work. Right now I am not only working on C# and C++, but also Arduino and installation.


Touch Heart

I am creating an experience for people who want immersive gameplay. My project will evoke an authentic physical feeling of virtual objects through visual feedback, haptic feedback and sound. In order

My project will evoke an authentic feeling of virtual objects through visual, haptic feedback and sound, in order to fuse the virtual world to the physical world. In order to achieve that, I am using Oculus Rift and Leap Motion gives people visual input and creating a physical installation for mimicking haptic feedback and using a headphone as the sound input.

Basically, there is a heart in the virtual world. People supposed to touch the heart. The Goal is to give an authentic feeling back to the person.