Pauline Hadad

Born and raised in France, Pauline came to NYC to fulfill her American Dream and explore all of the opportunities New York has to offer. She's a creative technologist who focuses her energy on visual experiments, creative coding and dance.



Échappé is a visual experiment that emphasizes the beauty of imperfection in Ballet. It uses the meaning of "échappé" to embrace the idea of escaping your own ideals and restrictions.

My project is a visual experiment that emphasizes the beauty of imperfections, using the example of dance. I am capturing the fragility of a dancer’s movement and showing the beauty of human inaccuracy. The visuals represent the contrast between the human body and mechanical perfection.

My project is for people who appreciate digital art and the idea of beauty and imperfection.

Perfection is a word that can mean different things according to different people. I am making this project in order to show a different aspect of body’s perfection. I want to insist on the beauty of imperfections.

My thesis addresses the following question: how can motion tracking capture the beauty of imperfections in dance? Using motion tracking techniques, I focus on the movement itself, which represents the body’s emotions and flaws.