Kassahun Villa

My name is Kassahun Zoudu Elia Villa, I am a graphic designer, visual communicator, Filmaker and Motion Designer. My background in Fine Arts pushed me in illustration, and then Animation, concurrently, advertising taught me that u must choose wisely what kind of "language" to use in every single situation if you want to be heard.


FE18RUARY – The brightness of darkness.

A journey through unknown memories. My Film is going to fill the black hole of my early life years using either "memory of others" mixed with my own "imagined memory".Nothing is true,nothing is false.

The way that we identify ourselves is through our memories.
we are who we are because of what we learn and what we remember.
Our experiences are stored within our memories. What would happen if our memories went missing? who would we be if we no longer had the instrument by which we construct our identities and what tools could we grasp in their place? The Idea of my thesis is to look back where my memories are not able to help me.
The aim of my Film is to fill the black hole of my memory in my early life years, using either “memory of others” mixed with my own imagination.
I love to say, this tale is based on a true/imaginary story.