Hanyang Jiang

I am a 3D artist and game designer well versed in Maya and Unity. My original background was in business administration. I worked for a bit in finance and banking before I decided to pursue my passion in art.

Bo Pu

I'm an professional 3D artist and game designer experienced in Maya and Unreal Engine 4. I studied 3D animation as well as architecture. Please follow us and look forward to our future projects!

Victoria Yen

Hi! I am Victoria!!! I am in charge with our game mechanics and play as in this project! Hope you enjoy our game!

Yihan Zhou

I am a designer who have a background in illustration, animation, and art history. I am interested in story-telling experience in any form, where readers understand and empathise with different layers of emotions.



A 3D adventure puzzle game chronicling a hero's quest to restore balance between two worlds where things are more than meets the eye.

A 3D adventure with puzzle elements incorporating the theme of balance. In the game, a lone hero embarks on a quest to restore balance between two parallel worlds. Using his power to control light, he reshapes the environment and uses the differences between the worlds to his advantage. However, as he delves deeper into the world of Dawn, he soon discovers things are not what they appear to be.