Jenna Demchuk

Jenna Demchuk is a Digital Designer from Calgary, Alberta. With an eye for modern, feminine aesthetics, she celebrates all things #fashion #technology #art #beauty and #lifestyle in the age of social strategy.



Instagram: The New Muse of Fashion. @pinkplunge is a series of fashion collages conveying a style guide of Instagram-tactics reflecting how the medium has shifted representation of fashion imagery.

@pinkplunge is an Instagram digital art series inspired by anĀ investigation of the converging worlds of Fashion & Instagram and how fashion is curated for the mobile screen. This project visualizes an unmasking of conventional Instagram methods by collaging visuals inspired by insta-web culture combined with high fashion imagery. By implementing a design style guide to express the intuitive and artistic process of content creation for Instagram, this project expresses theĀ authentic vs. in-authentic discourse of ubiquitous fashion storytelling.