Geyao Zhang



A Journey to hangover land

I’m designing a multiplayer asymmetric VR game to blend non-VR mechanism and VR mechanism into one game in order to provide equally immersive gaming experiences for players with and without VR headset

This game can be played with two to four players. The player with VR headset will control the main character. Everyone can see the main character in their scenes, however only the player with VR headset can control him. Other players play with invisible characters, and no one can see them in the game. Part of the game environment are made with cubes. All the invisible characters have the power to manipulate the cubes. There are three kinds of cubes: the floating cubes are not affected by gravity, the normal cubes are applied with all the forces, the bomb cubes work in the same way with normal cubes, however if they move too fast they will explode.
The goal for every player is to keep the primary player’s character alive. If the main character lands safely, everyone wins. If he died, everyone loses the game. To encourage players to focus on their gameplay, there are no scores in the game.
Playing my game with a VR headset will let the player explore the world with a word that describes the thing that is based on the real world but beyond that movements. As primary players, they will play a small character and jump in between cubes floating in the air, or be knocked into the sky. It’s like riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping. They will walk through swinging cubes and worry about their balance at the same time as feeling like they are walking a tightrope on the top of skyscrapers, just like in the movie “The Walk” – but sometimes, thanks to your friends’ mistakes, you do fall.
If it’s not your turn to wear the VR helmet, there are 3 other ways to participate. The first one will be a traditional way – with a computer and a mouse. In this way, the second player can remove all the cubes in between the primary player’s character and the ground by just clicking on the cubes. Watch out! Where you click on the cubes determines where the cubes fly to. And it’s very easy to upset the balance of the cubes which may cause the primary player’s character to fall and die. So, please be nice to him! This is where I was at the end of last semester. This semester, I designed two new gameplays for the players without VR headset. I was also working on how to connect all the players together, which is to build a server. I will talk about this in the coming slides. [Image]

If there are already two players ready to play, you can still join them.4 players is my maximum. The next two players can play with mobile devices. It will be easy: download the game, and type in the IP address then they can play together. With mobile devices like iPad or iPhone, players can interact with the game world in other ways. The mobile devices usually have smaller screens that make aiming and clicking harder. Based on that and considering the advantages of touch screens and gyroscopes, I have designed these two new play types. He or she can choose either to hold the game world or to build in the game world. [Image]
Ouroboruo the Titan Holding the world. It means using the gyroscope. Players will play with balance. If they change the angle of the iPad, the game world slopes with the orientation of the iPad. Stabilizing the world will be their tasks. When the building in the game is going to collapse, angling the iPad can be the tool to save their friend. [Image]
They can also choose to build. Building inside the world can be fun, Because the building is made of cubes, it’s very easy to understand and play with. I got a lot of feedback about what they wanted to build in the world. So I introduced this construction mechanic that allows the player to drop or place cubes in the game world. Cubes will be released every few seconds even if the player is indecisive in placing cubes. The cubes can be different, such as normal cubes, bomb cubes, floating cubes. The cube type will be indicated by the color, and the color will be constantly changing until they drop it. So they can either build something that helps the player with VR headset to land or kill this guy by dropping a bomb or building something wrong. [Image]
This is how I bring them together. The four players: one with a VR headset, one with a computer and two with mobile devices. [Image]