Hsin Peng

As a designer, most of my works are about nature. Nature has always marveled me that I choose science as my major during undergrad years. I see technology as an extension of our senses. I believe that through the creation of its designer, technology can actually touch, provoke, entertain and engage our everyday life in an interesting way.


Before the Eternal Silence

Before the eternal silence is a time-based installation that aims to call attention to the deterioration of nature and to emphasize our place within the symbiotic relationship of the world around us.

Before the Eternal Silence is a time-based installation that uses the past eighteen years of environmental data to explore the belief that the destruction of human habitation is getting worse and worse, and emphasize the interconnected influence between humans and our environment. The installation is triggered by four separate data which are based on man-involved environmental disasters. The data shows the degradation of the environment which speculates a scenario that the situation of our environment is getting worse as the days go on. The installation uses the rose in The Little Prince as the metaphor for humans and nature. When the audience comes within a certain distance, the installation will get enough power to destroy the flowers according to the data set of each year. The audience is allowed to walk around the installation to explore how the data impacts a real flower and observe the flower’s natural decay through time as well.