Kehui Liu

Carrie (Kehui) Liu is an interactive designer standing at the crossroads of aesthetic and purpose to create meaningful, immersive and beautiful design.


Wild They Belong

Interactive pop-up book installation for children from 7-10. Aimed at educating children about the cruelty of using animals for entertainment.

I created a series of installations for children from 7 to 10 to experience the cruelty of using animals for entertainment. I intend to evoke sympathy and convey the idea of animals belong in nature. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness and demand my audiences not to participate in these activities.

The book tells three stories about the most common animal entertainment business — circus, Sea World and the zoo. I’m focusing on children because they are the main audience of these places. By reducing their audience, I hope someday this kind of business will become a history. Also, most children go to these places because they love animals and not aware the cruelty. I want to help children to learn the truth. Inspired by Davy and Kristin McGuire’s work The Icebook, I project animations on a pop-up book to tell stories. I want my audiences to experience the contrast of animals living freely and constrained. Audiences have the responsibility and ability to free the animals just like in the real life.