Nitcha (Fame) Tothong

Nitcha Fame Tothong is a director/ visual artist/graphic designer. Her works explore technology’s impact on daily life. She has extensive background in music industry and indie music scene in Thailand. From producing album artwork to directing music video. She is passionated maker that loves handcrafting and cross medium pollination. Her crafts range from calligraphy, typography, time-based media, paper craft, drawing, wearable technology and creative coding.


Atta-matic: mind the body

อัตตาเมติก is a series of speculative and whimsical wearable devices that highlight the disconnect between our mind and body in sedentary lifestyle.

This project aims to enhance our perception of how contemporary human-machine interfaces encourage and produce very particular body postures and gestures, which in turn shape behavior that becomes an automatic response or habit.

Keybod is a computer keyboard worn on the upper body that forces the wearer to be mindful of the practice of typing as well as their posture. Click-kick are shoe covers that work as a computer’s mouse with existing energetic movements controlling its cursor. Text-neck is a collar piece that disrupts its wearer, helping them to avoid staying in a bad posture longer than desired when interacting with a smartphone.

The devices create an intervention by poetically defamiliarizing the wearer from their usual interactions with digital tools, and aims to provide an experience that will enhance their awareness of how we conform to certain body postures that have formed as a result of interacting with digital tools. By bringing in activities we don’t usually associate with, or have never seen in a digital environment, the project aims to make our unconscious interactions more conscious.