Haotian Li

Hi there! I'm Haotian, a master candidate of Design and Technology in Parsons School of Design. I have a combined experience of industrial design, interaction design and user experience design so I have done plenty of designs in this three fields. I love making fun things to give people playful experiences.



An interactive installation reveals the inadequacies of exchanging information in both physical and digital means of communication.

Entropy is an interactive installation for two participants to communicate with each other, revealing the inadequacies of exchanging information in both physical and digital means of communication. This installation shows people problems of communication through exaggeration of noises and disturbances in surrounding environments as well as in the mind, inspiring participants to think about the problem we have in communication. Participants need to communicate with others under noises and distractions.

We are facing inefficient communication problem every day. On one hand, when we make phone calls or text to others, we cannot see body language or facial expression of other people, so we miss a lot of useful information. On the other hand, when we talk face-to-face, internal preoccupations, prejudices, opinions as well as external noises distract us from focusing on each other. Sometimes we may use our self-experiences to judge results of stories but don’t listen to whole stories. The installation consists of two rooms with a two way mirror in the middle. Participants can see each other through the two way mirror. Also, I design a chat app. People can chat with each other online using their cellphones or computers. I am using sound, light and multimedia to interfere with participants’ communication. Through interacting with the installation and communicating with each other, participants will experience the difficulty of communicating under strong distractions and cognitive dissonance.