Luobin Wang

Luobin Wang has multiple backgrounds in design, user experience and programming. Most of his works are conceptual and experimental. Now he is working on interpreting the concept of relativity.


Irregular Regularities

Irregular Regularities, an art installation, asks the audience to consider how the nature of individual consciousness is influenced by distortions of space-time.

Every person—and indeed everything in the cosmos— perceives and is perceived differently as conditioned their specific frames of reference; this is Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. This piece posits scenarios that make space-time perceptible through observation and interaction. Time exist in all kinds of forms reference system drastically changes could reveal a whole new perspective. Semi-accessible clues can be embedded or hidden in a regular scene in a way not immediately apparent to the audience. These deceptively prepared mechanisms could lead to the noticeable irregular case of the changes of space-time. The whole experience encourages curiosity by leading observers, while the human subconscious takes initiative. How is our objective reality experienced subjectively? Is reality objective considering that we live and die in a material world that is a mutable product of changing, warping space-time?