Alaere Jituboh

Alaere is an artist, visual designer, creative thinker & technologist based in Newyork. Her work dabbles in physical and digital explorations and creating meaningful experiences through Design. She firmly believes in the future Art + Technology and well as an aesthetic enthusiast with a deep appreciation for Japanese culture and food.


Visions of Sound

An investigation of police brutality within the African and African-American context.

Visions of sound is a generative abstract sculpture that explores the connections between sound, content and form. The sculpture is a  physical data representation of people’s perspectives within the African Diaspora on the “black lives matter” movement – a movement originating within the African-American community, that campaigns against violence toward black people.

This project attempts to highlight certain issues or sub-issues like police brutality that are currently being shadowed within our community and looks at ways to publicize people’s on-going debate surrounding it in an expressive manner than what we might see or hear on screen.

The sculpture will be open to the general public especially for those like myself, that are interested in social & economic issues, as well as sculptures.