Seung Lee

Seung Lee is an engineer, designer and artist who loves algorithmic art, data visualization and digital fabrication, He explores the spaces between digital and traditional media.


Monuments to Change

Cultural Heritage Sites as Climate Change Observatories

‘Monuments to Change’ is a projection mapping installation that shows progressive environmental degradation through visualizing the future of cultural heritage monuments.

Now, more than ever, cultural properties are in danger of destruction due to atmospheric pollution.  Acid rain and other air pollutants degrade cultural properties at a rate up to several hundred times the speed of natural deterioration. Thus cultural heritage artifacts can also serve as climate change observatories that shows long term effects of environmental degradation.

Based on the current state of the artifact, material measurements and environmental data, the project shows past, present and future states of the World Heritage Site.  The future is described based on climate science projections and current rates of deterioration. “Monuments to Change” makes abstract and future facts of climate change real.  The goal is to raise awareness on the ongoing destruction wracked by man-made global warming.