Jennifer Presto

Hello, there, and thanks for visiting my project's site! I'm a creative technologist. I try to create light, humorous—and occasionally hopefully insightful—interactions and experiences, using code as my primary medium. Until two years ago, I was practicing as a corporate lawyer. Life is weird.

Fri. May 16, 5:32pm

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Two-player game requiring on-the-fly cooperation

Peaches is a two-player game about cooperation and conflict. Using fairy tale tropes, it casts the players as a knight and a princess who are bound together to achieve their goal. They're forced to cooperate, if only awkwardly. But as with all cooperation, potential conflict lurks beneath the surface and their relationship becomes more complex as the game continues.

The game also plays with a few gender stereotypes, including the ever-popular damsel in distress, but that's really just for extra fun.

Thesis Faculty

Fall: Anthony Deen

Spring: Colleen Macklin

Writing & Research Faculty

Fall: Andrew Zornoza

Spring: Barbara Morris