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An artificial intelligence system that manages your tasks and helps you relax

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    Pon is an artificial intelligence system that syncs all task data from your calendars, reminders, and social media accounts. It prioritizes your tasks and offers smart suggestions to help you decrease the pressure of everyday life.

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  • We always feel stressed when we have tons to do. This always ends up leaving us not working efficiently. According to a LinkedIn survey, only 11% of professionals around the world accomplish all the tasks they planned to do on an average workday.

    That’s where we started our thesis project – PON, after a year of researching, prototyping and iteration. PON is available to offer a solution.

    ‘Pon’ is the sound you make when you are so stressed that you pouch the table. “Pon!” That’s exactly the change, we seize to help you release your pressure. The interaction is so simple, after you open the app, it automatically syncs all task data from your iCalendar, iReminder, and other social accounts. Then it prioritizes them and gives you a clear pie chart. What do you need to do? Just make the sound “Pon!” with the app. And it breaks down the tasks for you. Pon it as hard as you can! Let your pressure out. And pon will take care of it. It collects data from users, and tells them the most important task to do next. Perhaps it’s just “time for lunch” or to “take a breath”. It knows you and cares about you. The goal is to help you better manage yourself and decrease your stress. It’s using technology to help you be more humanized.

    Also, Pon is learning from our massive user data pool. It will become smarter about prioritizing and suggestion offering as you keep using it. In the future, it will collect tasks from all other apps, accounts, and work as a personal assistant.

    Industrial Designer: Semina Yi

    Xi Li

    Hi there! I'm Leecy Li. I'm a UX / visual designer, a DIY enthusiast and a foodie living in New York. I love visuals, and also care about user experience. I love an idea being built from conception to realization, I love making products that helps with people's lives. OBSERVING - THINKING - PROTOTYPING - TESTING - ITERATING I simply love this process.

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  • Ziqu Zou

    Ziqu is a UX designer, developer and hacker located in New York. Currently, Ziqu is learning in MFA Design and Technology Program at Parsons the New School of design.He is passionate with Interaction, Web, Mobile, Wearable and Internet of Things. Code is his tool to make magic happen.

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