Omnia Vanitas

Santiago Peraza

A surreal exploration of the relationship between man, his image and his vanity enshrined in contemporary digital portraiture.

Portraying the intimate conversations that take place when we encounter ourselves, OMNIA VANITAS is an interactive video installation that immerses the viewer in a digitally-reconstructed experience that examines the relationship between subject and image. OMNIA VANITAS explores the conflict between reality and illusion in a culture now blurred by our quotidien interactions with technology. The work comments on a generational reality in which image is all and a depiction becomes more important than the subject itself.
Exploring how technology and contemporary media have catapulted us into a narcissistic pandemic in which we manipulate and amplify–both physically and digitally–our image to satisfy our vanity. The cumulative effect of our digital manipulation results in a substantial distortion of our image and in turn a significant loss of identity. Though aesthetically rooted in the digital era, the themes of this piece highlight larger truths about our culture’s infatuation with perfection, beauty, and success.

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Santiago Peraza


Thesis Studio

  • Christopher Romero
  • Anthony Deen

Writing and Research

  • Ethan Silverman
  • Andrew Zornoza