Open Source Pregnancy

Tripp Nezbit

It’s really happening.

At the crux of this epoch is the determinable need to push forward social participation and human procreation until our world recognizes the need to care ubiquitously for all human lives. Until such ubiquity exists, we will continually bind ourselves to nominal contributions and progress. It is through the proliferation of life that we can begin to instantiate new ways to guide human rights. Inspired by the open software movements, and the infinite random possibilities made apparent through activities such as legalized gambling, Open Source Pregnancy aims to foster the ultimate collaborative experience by openly sourcing the gestation of a life.

It is a reactive and critical examination of the failures of our culture’s ability to support itself; through the power of collective action, Open Source Pregnancy enables communities to participate in, distribute and engage with the paternal genetic data, conception, incubation, and bearing of a human life-form. This effort is especially urgent now as political debates regarding women’s rights rage on in state capitols and determine the future of our society’s reproductive rights. A design experiment at the intersection of gender politics, obstetrics, and cooperative sharing, participants will engage in all aspects of the project, including insemination, gestation, birth, development, education, nutrition, and collaborative writing exercises. All aspects of care will be placed upon this ‘open sourced’ community.

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Tripp Nezbit

Tripp is a new media artist living in Brooklyn, New York. His work questions the relationships embedded in social structures as a means to better identify the change we can perceive in the world. When he's not creating challenging art, hes subverting the physicality of human relationships.


Thesis Studio

  • Dave Carroll

Writing and Research

  • Chris Prentice