The Deuce Bible

Vanessa Roa

A publication about pre-disneyfied times square examined through the history of its exploitation cinema.

Take a walk on the wild side and venture into Times Square when it was a no man’s land with “The Deuce Bible”, a single layout mobile e-zine that transports you back to pre-Disneyfied Times Square during the 80s. “The Deuce Bible” is your guide to the sleazy cinema history of “The Deuce”-aka- 42nd St, a place where going to the movies meant gambling with your life. Read personal accounts from the people who lived it themselves and view photos and trailers for films that could have only been made for the Deuce; where sex, drugs, and violence permeated from the silver screens and onto the sidewalks of 42nd St. Experience the craziest sights and sounds to ever come out of cinema with “The Deuce Bible”, an 80s themed time capsule of Times Square’s exploitation cinema. 

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Vanessa Roa


Thesis Studio

  • Christopher Romero

Writing and Research

  • Ethan Silverman