Alessandra Melo da Silva

Track and Support Street Music from A to Z

“Busker” is a multisided mobile platform facilitates the connection between audience and NYC Street Musicians members of the MTA MUNY (Music under New York) project.

The sheer diversity of musicians busking their trade under the streets of New York makes the subway platforms one of the most vibrant performance spaces in the country.

As buskers strive to make their music heard over the roar of trains, the exchange between musicians and audience is not always obvious – encounter is almost always incidental and the connection momentary. In turn, street musicians depend on “live work”, and if the listener does not have that dollar in hand to donate, the musician loses the income.

With the Busker app, the community will be able to learn, endorse, share, and support street music. They will also be able to listen to sample of their music and remotely give money contribution to support the work of their favorite musician.

Buskers will be able to inform their audience where they are located, create a fan base, publicize their work and get donations for their music.

Buskers screens
Buskers screens

Buskers screens
Buskers screens


Alessandra Melo da Silva


Thesis Studio

  • Anthony Deen
  • Scott Pobiner

Writing and Research

  • Andrew Zornoza
  • Sarah Butler